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Journal papers


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Conference papers


  • Fox, P. D. Renzania, J. Wareham and E. Christiaanse (2006) “Will Mobiles Dream of Electric Sheep? Expectations of the New Generation of Mobile Users: Misfits with Practice and Research,” Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Mobile Business, Copenhagen Denmark

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  • Rodon, J. (2006) "A Methodological and Conceptual Review of Inter-Organizational Information Systems Integration", Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Information Systems. Gothenburg, Sweden

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  • Rodon, J., Cataldo. C. and Christiaanse E. (2005) "Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing in Global Online Professional Communities,  accepted in the 6th Annual Global Information Technology Management (GITM) World Conference, June 5-7, 2005, Anchorage, Alaska, USA


  • Rodon, J. and E. Christiaanse (2004) "A Framework for the Analysis of B2B Industry Standardization Initiatives", accepted in the Journal of AIS Sponsored Theory Development Workshop December 15, 2004

  • Christiaanse E. and Knoppen D.(2004) "A Stage Model of Interrganizational Adaptation" Paper published the proceedings of RSEEM conference, September 2004, Ireland

  • Rodon J., Ramis. J and Christiaanse E. (2004) "High Stakes but Low Standards: A Process-Stakeholder Analysis of B2B Standard Setting", Published in the Proceedings of EMCIS, July 2004, Tunis, Tunisia.


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Case Studies


  • Cano, J. L. and Luna, C. (2005) "Caso RACC: Gestión de incidencias en la contratación de pólizas de seguros de automóvil". ESADE Case Study Series: 1-24

  • Busquets, X. (2005) "Multiasistencia". ESADE Case Study Series: 1-18.

  • Busquets, X. (2005) "Teachnig Note Multiasistencia". ESADE Case Study Series.


  • Christiaanse, E. (2004). "Elemica (A) Connect Once Connect to All". ESADE Case Study Series: 1-37.

  • Christiaanse, E. and J. Rodon (2004). "Elemica: Connect Once Connect to All (B)". ESADE Case Study Series. Barcelona.

  • Christiaanse, E. and J. Rodon (2004). "Teaching Note Elemica Case (A)." 1-7.


  • Rodon, J. "PortIC : The Electronic Trading Infrastructure at the Port Community of Barcelona", Accepted by the North American Case Research Association (NACRA) for its annual meeting, November 2003, Tampa, Florida.

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