Seminar Series

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Date Speaker Topic
19-May-2008 Paul Fox
11:30 to 13:00
Room: 'Sala Transparente' 3rd floor, Building 1 at ESADE
Governance Mechanisms in Internet-Based Affiliate Marketing Programs in Spain
14-Apr-2008 Josep Lluís Cano
17:00 to 18:00
Room: S27 of Building 1 at ESADE
Factors that affect Perceived Ease of Use and Perceived Usefulness of Executive Information Systems among Executives
28-Febr-2008 Joan Rodon Mòdol
10:00 to 11:30
Room: 23 of Building 1 at ESADE
Typifying the Setting in IS Intensive Research: A Structurational Framework


Date Speaker Topic
19-July-2007 Joan Rodon Mòdol
10:30 to 12:00
Room: 12 of Building 1 at ESADE
Exploring Standardization and Integration in the Implementation of Industry Inter-Organizational Information Systems: A Case Study in the Seaport of Barcelona
15-June-2007 Jonathan Wareham, ESADE
12:00 to 13:30
Room: S27 Building 1
The Role of Online Trading Communities in Managing Internet Auction Fraud

Desirée Knoppen, ESADE
12:00 to 13:30
Room: Anfiteatro Building 1

Supply Chain Partnering: A Comprehensive Framework of Interorganizational Adaptation

Bienvenida: Alfons Sauquet, ViceDecano de Investigación y Conocimiento de ESADE

Presentación del acto: Manel Puig , Presidente del Club BIT


  • J.Busquets, Profesor y Director del Departamento de Sistemas de Información, ESADE (MBA PT, 1992) 
  • J.R. Mallart, Gerente IBM BCS, Colaborador Académico de ESADE y vocal del Club BIT (Lic&MBA, 1995)
  • Angel Moreu , Business Unit Executive for System i and System z Spain Portugal Israel Greece & Turkey IBM Systems Group. Directora del Lab (1994-2004), VicePresidenta del Club BIT en Barcelona (MBA PT, 1992) 
  • Lluis Sánchez-Rissech, Banking Industry Leader IBM SW Europe
Redes Abiertas de Innovación Tecnológica: Presentación del Caso “IBM Barcelona Lab.”

Profesor Dr. Mogens Kühn Pedersen
(Head of Department and professor at Department of Informatics, Copenhagen Business School
Chairman of the Committee for the National Agency for SW)

Open Standards and Open Source Solutions in Government for e-Infrastructure


Date Speaker Topic
14-Nov-2006 17:30 to 19:00
Xavier Busquets, ESADE
Room S27 Building 1
Adaptability in Smart Business Networks
30-Jun-2006 11:30 to 12:30
Desirée Knoppen, ESADE
Room: S27 Building 1

Adaptation, Learning, and Power:An Empirical Examination in Buyer-Supplier Dyads in the European Food Industry

12:30 to 13:30
Robert Willison (Copenhagen Business School)
Room: S27 Building 1
Understanding the Perpetration of Employee Computer Crime in the Organisational Context
26-May-2006 Volker Mahnke
(Copenhagen Business School)

Room: S27 Building 1

Offshorability of Knowledge-intensive Activities: Towards the third wave of Offshorability


Feliciano Sesé Words and Objects in Information Systems Development: Six Paradigms of Information as Representation



Date Speaker Topic
29-apri-05 Enric Colet E-government
15-apri-05 Camilo Cataldo & Joan Rodon
Room: 402 (building 2)
Antecedents of Knowledge Sharing and Effectiveness of Online Professional Communities: A Conceptual Model
1-apri-05 Sandra Sieber (IESE) Cancelled
(from 10h to 18h)
Marleen Huysman ( Free University, Amsterdam) Organizational learning and Information systems
Date to be announced Ramiro Monteallegre
(University of Denver Colorado)
To be announced and can be in spanish if desired
18-feb-05 Feliciano Sese
Room: 02/building 1
Misunderstandings and misconceptions: Six paradigms of information
03-dec-04 Joan Rodon Measuring the Performance of Electronic Collaboration in Business Networks
19-nov-04 Xavier Busquets
Room: 412 /building 2
- Christian Acosta
Room: 02/building 1
The effects of web-based HRMS modules on HR efficiency,HR effectiveness and organisation’s bottom-line results
22-oct-04 Ellen Christiaanse & Jonathan Wareham
Room: 412 / building 2
New,wild and challenging topics in information systems
10-sep-04 Desiree Knoppen (ESADE)
Aula 02 (at 12pm)
Supply Chain Partnering: the role of Interorganizational Adaptation in a Temporal Model
18-jun-04 José Esteves (UPC) and Joan Pastor (UIC)
Aula 02 (at 12pm)
Organizational and National Issues of an ERP Implementation in a Portuguese Company  
07-may-04 Elena Bou (ESADE) Exploring the Dynamics of Knowledge in Practice: Comparing Bundles of Knowledge of Experts and Novices  
30-apr-04 Teresa Marcon
Aula 12
IT Offshoring : a Research Agenda  
16-apr-04 Joan Rodon & Juan Ramis (ESADE)
Aula 12
High Stakes but Low Standards: A Process-Stakeholder Analysis of B2B Standard Setting
26-mar-04 Diego Cardona (ESADE)
Aula 02
E-Governance and ICT
19-mar-04 Rachel McCalla (Henley College)
Aula 02 (building 1)
A Behavioural Approach to CRM Systems Evaluation
17-mar-04 Kai Holschuh (ESADE)
Aula:207 (5pm)
The capacity of email to support organizational leadership: An exploratory study
04-mar-04 Prof. Lynne M. Markus(Bentley, USA)
Time: Thursday March 4th 18.00 Aula 12 and 15
The Evolution of Vertical IS standards and the Role of Electronic Markets (joint session with MBA students) 
27-feb-04 Oded Nov (Cambridge University)
Aula 20
Information sharing, best practices and industrial Creative processes
09-feb-04 Dr. Jonathan Wareham Ph. D.(GSU, USA) Internet Fraud
06-feb-04 Dr. Abhijit Gopal, Ph.D.(Richard Ivey School of Business University of Western Ontario Canada) Laptop Computer Use Among MBA students
26-jan-04 Evangelos Katsamakas(Stern School of Business, NYU, NY, USA) Two sided E-marketplaces
23-jan-04 Alexandra Durcikova(University of Pittsburg) Knowledge management
19-jan-04 Somasundaram Ramanathan "Ram" (University of Aalborg, Denmark and FIU, Miami Florida, USA) E-Procurement

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